Dapengshan tourist resort Know:
      Attention to safety: In the resort during play, accompanied by their parents and guardians, please take care of the safety of children peers. Area offers a variety of performances, exhibitions and events, accompanied by their parents and guardians to watch or participate in the choice of game projects at the same time, please measure counterparts child's age, height, mental, physical fitness and weight aspects are appropriate.
     Security check: For all visitors to the scenic spot, only willing to provide a safe and comfortable environment, the area will be security checks at the entrance, visitors not to bring any form of offensive and dangerous goods into the area.

     Behavior: Visitors observe scenic bylaws. This area will not tolerate the behavior of various illegal and profane, and any person involved in such acts will be advised to leave the area, and will not get a refund. Visitors do not run in the scenic area, sitting or standing on fences or railings.
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