Dapengshan lake park formerly known as "Around the World in 80 days" world cultural theme park located in the beautiful foothills of mt Pits Lake, among the mountains, beautiful scenery, fresh and pleasant. Since ancient times, draw a pit lake Dapengshan Xianqi spirituality, is a mysterious beauty of the lake. Lake park built around the lake, the view of Lake pit tightly surrounded the entire park, and to let travelers enjoy the park at the same time cultural landscape, but also to enjoy ..[>>more]

     Buddhas Valley area of Xu Fu Cultural Park is Dapengshan tourist resort with a long history of tourism and cultural resources is one important part. Xu Xu Fu not only cultural park in crossing Cliff, Qin Du Temple, break-dong, Happy Gang, horses Tan, Yuma grave, thousands of altar, gantry Square, alchemist stone, Lingtai stone, wind tunnel Gang, Wang parent Stone, Xu Temple, Immortality kiosks and Xu Dongdu relevant historical, but also rebuilt the ruins east of Qin Du Temple, renovated Xu D..[>>more]
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